About Great Plant Picks

Our Mission

Great Plant Picks is an educational program committed to building a comprehensive palette of outstanding plants for maritime Pacific Northwest gardens. Great Plant Picks is one of the educational outreach programs for the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden, providing a forum for sharing horticultural information with the wider gardening community.

Goals & Objectives

Create a comprehensive list of hardy, reliable plants for home gardeners and industry professionals specifically focused on the maritime Northwest.
Assemble selection committees with representation from Western British Columbia, Western Oregon and Western Washington with representation from a wide variety of horticultural backgrounds.
Develop plant assessment programs and expert resources for the in-depth research of a plant’s suitability for the region.
Provide easily accessible information on these selected plants.
Furnish information on the best cultural practices with accurate characteristics on the selected plants.
Network with the horticultural community to distribute GPP information.
Provide and clarify accurate nomenclature and identification of the selected plants.
Investigate through the most current resources the proper botanical names of the selected plants.
Make available information to help the average person acquire the right plant.
Use the highest quality photographs to show the best features of the selected plants.