Great Plant Picks Selection Criteria

All Great Plant Picks selections should:
Be hardy in USDA zones 7 and 8 (0° to 10°F/-18° to -12°C).
Be long-lived.
Be vigorous and easy to grow by a gardener of average means and experience. Plants requiring specialist knowledge should not be considered.
Be reasonably disease and pest resistant.
Have a long season of interest and preferably multiple seasons of interest.
Be available from at least two retail plant sources in Canada and the United States.
Be adaptable to a variety of soil and fertility conditions.
Not require excessive moisture (with the exception of aquatic plants).
Not be invasive or overly vigorous in colonizing the garden or larger environment.
In addition, Great Plant Picks selections should follow these guidelines:
Perennials should be of good constitution and low in maintenance. Plants requiring staking, vigorous deadheading, etc. should not be considered.
Trees and shrubs should require little pruning and nominal training to achieve their best form (excluding plants used for hedges).
Bulbs should be considered long term perennials, lasting at least two years.
Variegated plants should be stable and not excessively revert.

The Great Plant Picks program recommends ornamental plants only. Fruits, vegetables, annuals, and tender perennials will not be considered at this time.