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Great Plant Picks for 2014
Plant Name Common Name(s) Height (ft.) (m.) Type
Abelia × grandiflora ‘Kaleidoscope’ PBR gold-variegated abelia 3' 0.9m shrub
Araucaria araucana monkey puzzle tree 12' 3.7m conifer
Quercus hypoleucoides silverleaf oak 18' 5.5m tree
Agastache ‘Blackadder’ giant hyssop, hummingbird mint 3' 0.9m perennial
Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ lemon yellow perennial sunflower 8' 2.4m perennial
Bletilla striata Chinese ground orchid 1.5' 0.5m bulb
Heuchera ‘Green Spice’ coral bells .6' 0.2m perennial
Heuchera ‘Plum Pudding’ purple leaf coral bells 2' 0.6m perennial
Heuchera ‘Purple Petticoats’ purple leaf coral bells 2' 0.6m perennial
Heuchera ‘Sashay’ coral bells 2' 0.6m perennial
Heuchera ‘Velvet Night’ purple leaf coral bells 2' 0.6m perennial
Hosta ‘Fragrant Blue’ hosta 2' 0.6m perennial
Hosta ‘Fragrant Bouquet’ hosta 2' 0.6m perennial
Hosta ‘So Sweet’ hosta 2' 0.6m perennial
Koelreuteria paniculata ‘Coral Sun’ PBR goldenrain tree 10' 3.0m tree
Nyssa sylvatica ‘Wild Fire’ black gum, black tupelo 20' 6.1m tree
Primula denticulata drumstick primrose 1' 0.3m perennial
Primula kisoana kisoana primrose, hardy primrose .5' 0.2m perennial
Primula pulverulenta candelabra primrose 2.5' 0.8m perennial
Primula veris cowslip .75' 0.2m perennial
Styrax japonicus ‘JFS-D’ SNOWCONE ™ Japanese snowbell 10' 3.0m tree
Thuja plicata western red cedar, giant arborvitae 12' 3.7m conifer
Thuja plicata ‘Zebrina’ Zebrina Western red cedar, variegated Western red cedar 10' 3.0m conifer
Heuchera ‘Crimson Curls’ coral bells 1' 0.3m perennial