Podocarpus lawrencei ‘Red Tip’

red-tipped mountain plum-pine

Outstanding Qualities

This adaptable evergreen conifer is an easy to grow and colorful selection from Tasmania. In spring the new growth is deep red with a burgundy blush. This colorful new growth matures to a dark green in early summer. If grown in full sun red will blush the tips again through the winter. Its low spreading habit is useful in the garden and it can tolerate pruning well and can even be sheared to create a low hedge. Once established it is drought tolerant.

Colors & Combos

Great Color Contrasts: gold, orange, silver, white

Great Color Partners: blue, burgundy, red

Culture Notes

This useful evergreen conifer has its best color in full sun, but will tolerate open to light shade. It prefers a well-drained or sandy soil and can tolerate drought once well established. It responds well to pruning and can be sheared to make a tight low hedge. If allowed to maintain its natural form little pruning is required.

© Iseli Nursery, Randall C. Smith

Quick Facts

Plant Type: spreading conifer

Foliage Type: evergreen

Plant Height: 3 ft. 0 in. (0.91 m.)

Plant Width/Spread: 6 ft. 0 in. (1.83 m.)

Hardiness: USDA Zones 7 to 9

Sun/Light Exposure: full sun to light or open shade

Water Requirements: drought tolerant once established