Campanula garganica ‘Dickson's Gold’

goldleaf Adriatic bellflower

Outstanding Qualities

This smaller growing campanula was selected for its bright golden leaves. In early spring a tuft of acid yellow foliage tops this diminutive perennial which gradually increases to a well controlled mound. Starry pale blue flowers cover the golden foliage in late June and July; after flowering, the foliage becomes bright chartreuse.

Colors & Combos

Great Color Contrasts: chartreuse

Great Color Partners: purple, lavender

Culture Notes

This slow growing perennial is best in full sun to light or open shade. It prefers a rich moist or well-drained soil. Provide regular watering during the summer. After flowering, gently shear off the old flower stalks and up to one-third of the plant to keep it looking its best throughout the growing season.

© David Mason

Quick Facts

Plant Type: perennial

Foliage Type: evergreen

Plant Height: 0 ft. 6 in. (0.15 m.)

Plant Width/Spread: 1 ft. 0 in. (0.30 m.)

Hardiness: USDA Zones 5 to 9

Flower Color: lavender

Sun/Light Exposure: full sun or light to open shade

Water Requirements: regular watering