Cornus ‘Eddie's White Wonder’

hybrid white flowering dogwood

Outstanding Qualities

This unusual hybrid is a cross between our native Western dogwood, Cornus nuttallii, and the Eastern North American species, Cornus florida. The large flowers open in early spring and have broad overlapping bracts (false petals) that are gleaming white and abundant. The tree has a narrow frame and distinctive lax layered branching habit that works well in the garden and shows the blooms to their best advantage. It has shown resistance to dogwood anthracnose, a common foliage disease. It is a selection made near Vancouver, British Columbia.

Colors & Combos

Great Plant Combinations: Picea orientalis, Magnolia x kewensis ‘Wada’s Memory’, Ilex aquifolium ‘Ferox Argentea’, Pieris japonica ‘Valley Fire’, Narcissus ‘Thalia’

Great Color Contrasts: burgundy, purple, red

Great Color Partners: cream, pink

Culture Notes

This unique tree prefers a rich well-drained or sandy soil, but will tolerate clay if the drainage is adequate. Provide a location with full sun to light or open shade. In too much shade or areas without good air circulation foliage disease can be a problem. Once established it only needs occasional watering during dry weather. Little pruning is needed and can ruin the lovely layered branching pattern. Consult an expert pruner or take local classes before attempting to prune. Dogwoods are slow to establish and often take two to three years to fully recover from planting.

© Richie Steffen / Great Plant Picks

Quick Facts

Plant Type: narrow tree

Foliage Type: deciduous

Plant Height: 20 ft. 0 in. (6.10 m.)

Plant Width/Spread: 15 ft. 0 in. (4.57 m.)

Hardiness: USDA Zones 7 to 9

Flower Color: white

Sun/Light Exposure: full sun or light to open shade

Water Requirements: occasional watering