Disporopsis pernyi

evergreen Solomon's seal

Outstanding Qualities

Disporopsis pernyi is an unusual and uncommon evergreen perennial with strong, upright dark-green stems that slowly form elegant colonies. Mature plantings have a graceful, arching quality and Disporopsis pernyi's low stature - about 16 inches tall - will not impose on its garden neighbors. Disporopsis pernyi's 5-inch, dark-green and glossy, lance-shaped leaves line the stem in pairs giving a pleasing uniformity to the clump. In late spring or early summer, small .75-inch white bell-shaped flowers tipped in pale green are borne along the undersides of the stem. evergreen Solomon's seal's delicate blooms have a light, lemon perfume. Native to the mountainsides in southeast China try combining Disporopsis with other Asian garden plants, such as rhododendrons, epimediums, corydalis and hostas. Large specimen ferns also combine well, try Osmunda regalis or Dryopteris wallichiana.

Colors & Combos

Great Color Contrasts: silver, black, gold

Great Color Partners: variegated, chartreuse

Culture Notes

Evergreen Solomon’s seal grows best in light to deep shade, in humus-rich well drained soil. This rhizomatous perennial forms a nice clump and once established can be fairly drought tolerant, although in long dry periods an occasional watering is encouraged. It can easily be divided in spring to create additional plants. Disporopsis pernyi is susceptible to slugs so you may need to use Worry Free, Sluggo or Safer slug-bait as the new growth emerges. Cut the old foliage back in late January or early February to make way for its lovely new growth.

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Quick Facts

Plant Type: perennial

Foliage Type: evergreen

Plant Height: 1 ft. 6 in. (0.46 m.)

Plant Width/Spread: 1 ft. 6 in. (0.46 m.)

Hardiness: USDA Zones 6 to 9

Flower Color: white

Sun/Light Exposure: light to deep shade

Water Requirements: drought tolerant when established, although water occasionally during extreme dry periods