Acer triflorum

threeflower maple

roughbark maple

Outstanding Qualities

Acer triflorum is an attractive, durable tree for small gardens. It has outstanding fall colors of apricot and gold even in shade. As the common name “roughbark maple” suggests the knobby trunk is especially noticeable and decorative in winter. The small leaves create a fine-textured canopy that casts dappled shade. Acer triflorum is very tough and disease and pest resistant making it a good choice for the urban garden. The nonaggressive roots will not damage patios, sidewalks, or foundations.

Colors & Combos

Great Plant Combinations: Acer griseum, Chionanthus retusus, Cornus mas, Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’, Vaccinium ovatum, Viburnum davidii

Great Color Contrasts: bronze, red

Great Color Partners: green, gold

Culture Notes

Roughbark maple is one of the few trees that will develop good fall color even in dappled and deep shade as well as full sun. In shade the colors will be softer apricots and butter yellows. It will tolerate a wide range of soils including compacted urban sites, sand and clay. Avoid locations where water puddles and does not drain away. Very little pruning is need to maintain a beautiful specimen, only remove poorly developed branches, dead wood or broken limbs.

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Quick Facts

Plant Type: upright tree

Foliage Type: deciduous

Plant Height: 18 ft. 0 in. (5.49 m.)

Plant Width/Spread: 10 ft. 0 in. (3.05 m.)

Hardiness: USDA Zones 5 to 9

Flower Color: green

Sun/Light Exposure: full sun or light to deep shade

Water Requirements: drought tolerant when established