Lonicera nitida ‘Baggesen's Gold’

golden boxleaf honeysuckle

Outstanding Qualities

Lonicera nitida 'Baggesen's Gold' is an adaptable and versatile shrub that adds a glow of sunshine to the garden. It develops into a mound of arching branches covered with dainty, golden leaves. In sun these take on a "platinum blond" cast, in more shade they deepen to chartreuse. Equally at home in a perennial border or as a specimen shrub, it makes a good golden substitute for boxwood, lending itself to shearing for topiaries and hedges. It can also be used as a tall groundcover under large trees and makes an attractive addition to the winter garden.

Colors & Combos

Great Plant Combinations: Shrub companions could include those with deep green leaves, such as rhododendrons, or for more contrast, those with purple foliage, such as purpleleaf ninebark or purple smokebush. Textural contrast with dwarf Hinoki cypresses (Chamaecyparis obtusa cultivars) would be interesting, and the yellow flowers of Corylopsis would shine against this evergreen Pick up the golden hues of 'Baggesen's Gold' with perennials like Bowles' golden sedge, Acorus gramineus 'Ogon' and autumn fern.

Great Color Contrasts: purple, red, burgundy

Great Color Partners: chartreuse, dark green, silver, gold

Culture Notes

Grow this tough evergreen shrub in a moist to well-drained location. It will also perform well in sand or clay with adequate drainage. It will grow best in full sun to dappled shade, although the foliage color is chartreuse in a shady location. Provide occasional watering during dry weather. If kept too dry in sun the foliage will bleach and burn. It responds well to pruning and can easily be shaped and sheared.

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Quick Facts

Plant Type: spreading shrub

Foliage Type: evergreen

Plant Height: 5 ft. 0 in. (1.52 m.)

Plant Width/Spread: 5 ft. 0 in. (1.52 m.)

Hardiness: USDA Zones 6 to 9

Sun/Light Exposure: full sun to dappled shade

Water Requirements: occasional watering during dry weather