Primula ‘April Rose’

April Rose primula

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Outstanding Qualities

As springtime wakes and the landscape begins to unfurl the velvet red, double flowers of this delightful primrose are a beacon of rich color in the garden, especially set against the brilliant, green foliage.

Quick Facts

Plant Type: clumping perennial

Foliage Type: deciduous

Plant Height: 0 ft. 5 in. (0.12 meters)

Plant Width/Spread: 0 ft. 9 in. (0.23 meters)

Hardiness: USDA Zones 4 to 8

Flower Color: red

Sun/Light Exposure: light to open shade

Water Requirements: frequent to regular watering

Seasonal Interest: abundant vivid red flowers in spring

Wildlife Associations: bees

Culture Notes
Plant in light to open shade and water frequently to regularly during dry periods; this may induce a repeat bloom. The soil should be rich and well-drained. Divide clumps every two to three years for the best vigor and longevity.